New luxury recreational villas

The renewal of Dirkshoeve does justice to the silence and space that our guests are looking for. At the entrance of our sheltered bungalow park we are building eighteen individual luxury recreational villas on spacious plots of 400 to almost 600 m2. The floor plan below offers a first impression of the layout that we envision.

The recreational villas to be built offer the highest level of sustainability. They are distinguished by high-quality insulation and gasless heat supply by means of a heat pump in combination with a heat recovery system. The recreational villa is effectively and sustainably equipped with ventilation, floor heating and hot tap water. In combination with the installed solar panels, energy costs are kept to a minimum. With these sustainable installations, comfort is increased, a healthy indoor air is created and the environment is taken into account. In short, you can recreate consciously and sustainably with us.

Luxury recreational villas

4 types


Grutto from €457.750 free in name (incl. own land)

The biggest newcomer to Bungalowpark Dirkshoeve is recreation villa Grutto. With a built area of 100 m2 and a first...
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Wulp from €427.500 free in name (incl. own land)

Can space and freedom be translated into architecture? This recreational villa shows it is possible. The wonderful light enhances the...
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Kievit from €391.750 free in name (incl. own land)

Just as a lapwing (Kievit) feels itself at home in the infinity of northern North-Holland, does recreational villa Kievit fit...
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Plevier from €366.250 free in name (incl. own land)

Plevier is especially closely related to the recreation villa Kievit. The same rich width, the same depth, only without a...
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